The $5 Piano Lesson

Some people are naturally musically talented,
and others have to learn how to become talented.

I took piano lessons for a long time, but I always felt like I sucked. Probably because I'm an INTP and traditional stuff doesn't work for me.

Hard music was hard, my hands got tangled up, and I always felt like a failure (not to mention having severe performance anxiety).

The harder I tried to play better, the worse my playing got. (That's because the things you do when you try to play better...GUESS WHAT???...are the wrong things. But what are the right things?)

Every time I made a mistake, I obsessed over it. I felt judged by my teacher and I compared myself to others.

I thought, "am I just too old to make any real changes? Have I started too late to catch up to anyone else? Are they just more talented than I am?"

What You'll Learn:

  • The traditional learning habits that you picked up in school didn't work too well in school, did they? So...why would you think they would work for piano? I'll tell you what you need to watch out for.
  • Specifically what you did differently as a baby and how you can do it as an adult now.
  • How to stop obsessing over your level of progress. That mindset holds you back, and I'll tell you how to fix it (without vague fortune-cookie platitudes that I'm sure you've tried).
  • What to do so the self-judgment doesn't throw you off course.
  •  You're doing the natural things you were taught to play better, but (counter-intuitively) these are the very things that make you play worse. I'll tell you how you need to flip the script.

No matter how untalented you think are, you can use your openness and willingness to become talented.

This is like a meditation on Sam Harris's Waking Up app. Love it. :-)

James Mills

About the Instructor

Michael Korman

Michael Korman is a piano teacher with many years of experience playing and teaching the instrument, blah blah blah. He has worked as a rehearsal pianist for opera productions, a vocal coach and choir director, and he has a master’s degree in piano. 

His unusual style of teaching is influenced by his background in science, meditation, and a ton of personal experimentation. He gets bored easily and he's always trying to learn a new skill.

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