Chord Theory for Songwriters

I’ve got a new 1-1 online program for songwriters (piano or guitar players). The goal is to get you fluent in the theory of chords. If you’re not fluent, you’ll be stumped by questions like:

  • How do you know which chord to use and when?
  • Why does [favorite song] use this chord and not that chord?
  • How do you go from a chord progression to a whole song?

You don’t become fluent by memorizing the circle of fifths or other theoretical diagrams. That’s too abstract. That would be like trying to learn a language by studying a grammar book. You’ll understand it intellectually but you’ll never be able to speak.

The only way to get fluent is by immersing yourself in real music. You’ve got to look at the songs written by the masters and pick them apart until you get why they’re written the way they’re written.

That’s what this program is for. Over the course of 4 weeks, I’ll give you assignments and you’ll do them.

The cost is $500 USD.

To get started, send me a DM on Instagram (