Yes, you can meditate, no matter how crazy your mind is.

This free guided meditation will talk you through the process. You can't screw it up.

I don't care what they told you. They were wrong.

Hey, my name's Michael. Welcome to my crazy world. Glad you could join me.

I'm a classical musician who got really frustrated with music. Performance anxiety, self-doubt, physical tension, etc. As part of my quest to solve those problems, I stumbled into mindfulness meditation.

This proved to be more than a miracle cure. It totally changed my life.

So, I want to show you how to do this.

This is a free guided 15-minute meditation that will talk you through the process. It's an audio recording. You don't have to do anything except find a comfortable seat and listen to it. It will guide you.

If you've had trouble learning to meditate in the past, this will help. Maybe you've found it difficult to stay focused, or to clear your mind. No problem here. This meditation does not require focus. You are free to let your mind wander.

That's because this guided meditation is all about accepting yourself, as you are (no matter how much you might hate yourself), in the present moment (no matter how much that moment might suck).

Even if you can't clear your head or stay focused.

(I can't do either of those, btw)


  • No visualization required.
  • Be with your feelings, no matter what they are.
  • No need to be able to sit still.
  • Background piano music that is perfectly timed with the meditation.

To get started, click the button below, and fill out your contact information. I will send the meditation to your inbox.


Here's what they're saying

I did your guided meditation this morning. Thank you.

I woke up feeling unsettled this morning after a weekend of rioting in my smallish city while I was out of town, and me feeling like the world doesn’t make a lot of sense right now. It doesn’t have to. But sometimes, the chaos out there is interpreted as chaos internally and feels like it is part of our own identity. Your meditation was excellent for helping me just be and get grounded today.


I liked the freedom, the okayness of when one doesn't feel or see what is being suggested. Your voice, the music, the energy. I am very allergic to meditations that are overly calm and lethargic, almost saddening. Amazing quality, perfectly matched with the piano. Amazing guidance.


I usually don't like guided meditations, because they're always trying to tell me what to do, or trying to tell me how to visualize something, which to me feels like even more distracting from myself. So, it was good because all the pressure's off, like just sit here and notice this. There's no way to do it wrong. With other ones that I've done, where there are visualizations, I get lost, like "oh no, I forgot to visualize the river, and now I'm in the grass still!" But, it's not like that with yours. You just are where you are.


I just had the most unexpected meditation experience of my life. I alternated between sobbing, convulsing, ugly tears and focused breathing for the entire 15 minutes. By the end, my body was dry heaving tears - there were none left. I have got to do that again. Woah.


I will make it worth your time.