Guilt Quest

A video lesson on how to turn your feelings of guilt into a game.

The “Guilt” Meditation has helped me keep it simple right now as I remind myself I am responsible for my own feelings.

This gives me so much freedom as I process how to move forward with business direction. Thank you!


Trainer and coach

Have you done something wrong?

I'll show you two magic spells you can cast when you realize you've done something "wrong." You'll become the Wonderful Wizard of Guilt.

You'll learn how to:

  • Make friends with your guilt.
  • Gain self-compassion, lose self-hatred.
  • Find better strategies for dealing with your garbage.
  • Justify your anger towards those who have conditioned you badly.
  • See life as a game, not as an emergency.

Ready for some self-compassion?

Let's make some magic.