How to make piano practice easy and stress-free without sacrificing musicianship

Is practicing piano effortful and stressful?

  • Not looking forward to it
  • Repeat the same mistakes over and over without progress
  • Doesn't feel like music
  • Body hurts
  • You avoid it and then get stressed out when you perform
  • Feel incompetent
  • Normal practice strategies just don't help you
  • Trying to "change your mindset" just doesn't work
  • Playing "easy music" seems like a cop-out

I'll teach you three secrets:

  1. Why thinking only in terms of "piano playing" is keeping you stuck in a box.
  2. How to USE your boredom, stress, and anxiety to make practicing more enjoyable.
  3. Why "difficulty" is ALWAYS a matter of perspective, no matter how difficult the music seems to be (don't worry...I'll tell you how to shift your perspective).