Learn Piano in 5 Days

You’ve got that piano sitting there and no one knows what the hell to do with it.

Let’s fix that.

$50 USD

If you’ve tried before, I’m guessing you got frustrated and never got to a point where you could play your favorite songs.

But, that’s to be expected. It makes no sense to think you’re going to play your favorite songs when you feel like you have two left hands.

It’s like when you learned to talk. You didn’t start by reciting Shakespeare. First, you made up your own sounds, your own baby language. Only then did you start learning a real language.

But don’t forget: you made it your own first.

Here’s the thing: before you learn songs, you need to learn to improvise (that means making up your own music).

This course is what you need to get started. 

It’s 5 lessons. Fifteen minutes per day. You can use any kind of piano or keyboard. Each day, you’ll watch a video and then play the lesson by yourself.

What to Expect When You Sign Up:


Over the next five days, you’ll receive one lesson per day (sent by email).


You’ll read the instructions and watch a video that’s approximately 7 minutes long where I teach you a technique.


Then, you’ll sit at your piano and spend 5-10 minutes mastering the technique yourself.

To get started, you only need an email address and a piano/keyboard. You can use an acoustic piano, a digital piano, or a keyboard.