A unique method

I teach piano to students of all ages, all levels, and all styles of music. I encourage my students to develop self-awareness, so that they discover on their own what they need to learn. My method is based on mindfulness skills, and a simple physical approach to playing the piano. Additionally, I teach sight-reading, how to practice, and provide techniques for addressing performance anxiety, memory, and personal expression.

Benefits of piano lessons

This is a unique, non-traditional approach, in contrast to the conventional attitudes about teaching and learning that are widely prevalent in our culture. You are an individual, and we will work together to choose goals that motivate you, and forge a clear path forward (and when those goals stop motivating you, we will toss them aside and find new ones). I will be responsible for guiding you, so that you don’t need to worry about whether you are performing up to expectations. I understand exactly what you are struggling with, so my approach will save you time and money.

Using mindfulness techniques, you will learn to see things as they are, and discover your hidden potential through increased self-awareness. You will enjoy the journey, not only the destination, as you experience the richness of the present moment. Practicing, rather than being a drag, will be a personally meaningful experience, a time-out from the stress of our modern world.

Break away from whatever is keeping you stuck, and experience a feeling of freedom. You will feel connected to the music, and able to express your inner feelings without barriers. You will feel the thrill of discovery as you realize aspects of your experience you never noticed before, and the excitement of mastering the instrument. Your self-confidence and feelings of calm will grow as you learn to disengage from the struggle with frustration, self-doubt, distraction, and nerves.

With my approach, you will find ease and freedom, and feel totally connected to your body. You will develop a complete understanding of how to play, so that you can express the music in any way you want.

If you’re interested, check out the lesson options I have available.

About the author 

Michael Korman

I'm your worst nightmare. I will violate your expectations. Yes, you will feel violated. Fortunately, I'm a good guy.

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