Level 1 Meditation Coaching Program

Challenge yourself with 60 days of meditation

This is a program for those who want to increase the amount of meditation in their lives. 

Price: $500 USD

Maybe you find it difficult to be meditating consistently because of an erratic schedule, or because it’s hard to find the energy and focus after a long day, or because you just can’t seem to ever stick to anything you try.

Whatever the reason, I want to help you take your meditation practice to the next level by keeping you on track over the next sixty days.

During these next sixty days, you’ll meditate for 30 minutes per day (whether you like it or not). Whatever complexities you have in the rest of your life will have to rearrange themselves around this priority.

Overview of the Process

Here’s what the program consists of:

  • 30 minutes of solitary meditation per day.
  • One 30-minute private coaching session (over Zoom) where you’ll tell me about your practice and I’ll help you untangle any areas where you’re stuck.
  • Daily logging of your meditation practice in a spreadsheet shared with me.

This is for people who are willing to make sacrifices and commit to the schedule. If you aren’t willing, then this isn’t the time for you to commit.

By the way, I chose sixty days for a reason: it gives you time to mess up and figure things out. If you miss a day, you can double up on the next day. Even if you miss 5 days, you can sit for 3 hours in one day and make up for the lost time.


For the duration of the program, you’ll be expected to follow certain rules:

  1. Refrain from using recreational drugs or alcohol during the sixty days.
  2. While meditating, put your phone out of reach.
  3. Report honestly on what you did each day (I’ll provide a spreadsheet for you to use).
  4. Tend to distractions before you begin sitting.
  5. If you must stop in the middle of a sit: if it’s an emergency, tend to the emergency and pick up where you left off. If it’s not an emergency, start over.
  6. Do not watch TV or listen to music while meditating.

Before Signing Up

To help you be successful, I’m asking you to ensure the following before signing up:

  • Have a conversation with your housemates and any other important people in your life to make sure they are supportive of your decision to meditate.
  • Decide how this is going to fit into your work/school schedule.
  • Have a quiet place in mind where you know you’ll be able to meditate for 30 minutes every day.
  • Make sure you have a timer.

About Me

Hi, I’m Michael. I’ve been posting about meditation on Instagram (@no.michael.here) and I’ve spent many hours meditating.  I’m assuming you already know who I am, or you wouldn’t be reading this. On the off chance you don’t, however, I invite you to check out what I’ve written and the videos I’ve posted. I hope it will resonate with you.

Pricing and Sign-Up

The cost of the full program is $500 USD. This also includes access to my No Problem meditation course.

When you sign up for the program, you’re committing to seeing it through for sixty days. 

You’re also committing to:

  • Meditating for 30 minutes per day.
  • Following the rules.
  • Meeting with me (on Zoom) for 30 minutes each week.

If this looks interesting to you, I invite you to fill out the application form and I’ll be in touch.

Questions and Concerns

What if, after sixty days, I fall off the wagon and stop meditating?

After sixty days, do whatever you want. If you’re worried about this, you can sign up for another sixty days.

The timeframe of this program is sixty days. If you want to talk about the rest of your life, that’s a separate conversation. I’m not looking past that time right now, and I suggest you don’t either.

But, after sixty days, you’ll have removed obstacles that are getting in the way of your practice, and you’ll have gotten sixty days of meditation. The time is cumulative.

What if I can’t sit still for 30 minutes?

You can shift your position. Don’t torture yourself. Sit and squirm if you want.

What if I have questions about how to meditate?

We can talk about that during our 1-1 sessions. I’ll give you precise instructions.

There’s too much noise at home to meditate.

This is why I ask you to have a conversation with your housemates and make sure they will support you in this.

What if I’m too tired at the end of the day to meditate?

Then stay up and do it anyway.

What if I can’t get up early enough to meditate?

That’s what alarm clocks are for.

What if I don’t want to meditate early in the morning or late at night?

Then do it in the middle of the day.

I’m a bit skeptical about meditation. I don’t understand why I should do it.

This program isn’t for you, then. It’s for people who already know meditation is right for them. If you have any questions about meditation, get in touch with me and I’ll try to answer them.