Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#14 - Calculus for Kindergarteners and Social Justice Warriors

J.S. Bach said “all you have to do is hit the right key at the right time and the instrument plays itself.”

Ha. Tell that to the piano teachers on Facebook.

(Actually, it’s great advice.)

0:01:40 – My history with math
0:06:10 – Advanced math vs Kindergarten math
0:10:34 – How real analysis is different
0:13:17 – My graduate math career
0:15:55 – Fact-checking the COVID-19 pandemic
0:17:41 – Michael Korman’s brain
0:20:21 – Why pianists can’t move their bodies, hierarchies of movement
0:27:43 – Why do I talk about other stuff so much?
0:29:21 – Teachers are the devil, social justice issues
0:31:56 – My focus is simply on piano playing and meditation and drawing

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Piano player, meditator, social media influencer.

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