#7 – When Meditators Get Cancelled, with Blake Shields Abramovitz

Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#7 – When Meditators Get Cancelled, with Blake Shields Abramovitz

Blake Shields Abramovitz is a meditation and yoga teacher in Los Angeles, as well as an actor. Today, we’ll be talking about the dark side of the meditation world, how Blake was canceled, the role of authenticity in meditation, the first 2020 US Presidential Debate, and many other topics.

That is what meditation invites you to do: to tolerate the depths of our emotional experiences in a space of equanimity, in a mindful embrace. That is what is so counter to this hyper-emotional woke shit where it almost seems like the currency is getting as offended and upset and as reckless in your expressions of emotions as possible.


(0:02:35) Teaching meditation and yoga in progressive LA.
(0:07:29) People want to know what team you’re on.
(0:08:59) Well-worn, old neural circuitry of tribalism.
(0:10:38) Human reproduction strategies.
(0:14:11) How Blake was cancelled..
(0:17:41) What’s the deal with the woke stuff in meditation communities?
(0:19:21) Meditators aren’t interested in meditation.
(0:26:04) People are innocent about what’s in the woke box.
(0:27:19) The Jordan Peterson impression.
(0:31:28) Authenticity in meditation.
(0:40:56) Is it possible to have meditation communities that allow for radical authenticity?
(0:44:01) Economics, foreign policy.
(0:47:25) The first 2020 US Presidential Debate.
(0:52:47) Is the news bad for your nervous system?
(0:57:09) Talking about meditation and psychology.
(1:02:05) Why you can’t say “devil’s advocate” anymore.
(1:08:34) Is comedy permissible or needlessly cruel?
(1:15:52) Being mean to people vs ideas.
(1:21:26) Acting and meditation.


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