Stop being a good student and start taking yourself seriously

In this ebook, I expose the truths piano teachers don't want to admit. As a (serious) adult amateur pianist, you're in an awkward position. Piano teachers don't take you as seriously as they take aspiring professionals or child prodigies.

But, if you don't take yourself seriously, who else will?

$15 USD

It is rare to see something written for serious adult amateurs, and by someone who went that route. I had it on as an audiobook while doing chores – the first chapter on various aspects regarding teachers, I was saying “right” and “certainly” out loud a few times. 😃 A lot of the things, I wished I’d heard this when I first started my first ever lessons some time ago; it took me years to at least partly find my way out of holes due to some of those things.

Inge Amateur Pianist