Amateur Pianists Should Be Taken Seriously.

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Take Yourself Seriously

A guide for amateur pianists who want to claim their own power by rethinking conventional wisdom.

by Michael Korman

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What You'll Learn

This 6-day program contains practical, thought-provoking exercises that will encourage you to challenge your mindset about learning piano.

  • Why playing "just for fun" isn't satisfying, and what to do instead.
  • Why conventional "goal-setting" is guaranteed to demotivate you, and how to flip the idea of goal-setting on its head to be a tool for motivation instead.
  • Why great artists take easy music very seriously, why you don't, and how that holds you back.
  • How to watch and learn from pianists who are better than you without freaking out (yes, even little kids on YouTube).
  • Why everyone thinks practice should be tedious and boring, and why this is based on a misunderstanding.
  • Why you're reluctant to care too much, and how this is keeping you from getting to the next level.

What They're Saying

It is rare to see something written for serious adult amateurs, and by someone who went that route. I had it on as an audiobook while doing chores – the first chapter on various aspects regarding teachers, I was saying “right” and “certainly” out loud a few times. :D A lot of the things, I wished I’d heard this when I first started my first ever lessons some time ago; it took me years to at least partly find my way out of holes due to some of those things.

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About the Author

Michael Korman

Michael Korman is a piano teacher with many years of experience playing and teaching the instrument. He has worked as a rehearsal pianist for opera productions, a vocal coach and choir director, and he has a master’s degree in piano. 

His unusual style of teaching is influenced by his background in science, meditation, and a ton of personal experimentation. He gets bored easily and he's always trying to learn a new skill.

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Get your copy today for $15.

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