Here’s your weekly update on happenings here at Michael Korman Enterprises.

Hope it’s eye-opening.


The battle between me and @katie.sula.exists’s followers really heated up this week. Check it out on Instagram. There’s a highlight on my profile.

Haven’t worked much on organizing my website.

Piano group battles have been put on the back burner for the moment.

I’m looking for people who are willing to have a conversation with me and answer some questions. It will take 30 minutes, and it will help me make things that will help more people. Please sign up if you are interested in helping me with this.

I did another 1-hour standing meditation.

Instagram Posts

Find these posts on my Instagram account (

  • It sucks to be a weird kid (mandela effect)
  • Identity-first language (“autistic person” vs. “person with autism”)
  • Be Unattractive (rather than attractive!)
  • You’re forcing me to do it! (no…Katie is free to contact me…jeez)
  • 60-Second Insta Meditation #12: Authenticity (getting back into the swing of this series)
  • Bye bye Katie (taking a stand for Mens’ Rights)
  • “Authentic” sometimes means “negative”
  • You don’t need confidence
  • Stop trying to forgive yourself (self-help religious dogma)
  • You don’t have to push them away (advice for influencers)
  • What’s wrong with him? (story about a music teacher I had)


You can find a bunch of my videos on YouTube. I try to upload the good ones. You might find that useful if, especially if you don’t have an Instagram account.

A Facebook post I like:

Kids today should be educated on how to avoid joining a mob. I don’t remember learning that in school. Guess it wasn’t necessary back then.

When I write a post in a Facebook group, some idiot comes along and misunderstands my post and leaves a comment that paints me as a villain. Then, other people show up and read my post in that light.

Before long, it’s impossible to see the narrative any other way. I suspect that, to any one member of the mob, it’s just “obvious” what’s going on.

Be careful.

Two collaborative piano jokes

Number one

Knock knock. Who’s there? Accompanist. Accompanyist who? DIE YOU @#$_& NAZI!!!!!

Number two

Knock knock. Who’s there? Accompanist. Accompanist who? Nevermind. . . . Later that day, in the collaborative piano FB group:

The disrespect some people have for our profession is mind-boggling. Can you believe I showed up AT THEIR DOOR and they still didn’t pay me!?

For those not in the know…

“Collaborative pianist” is the politically-correct replacement for “accompanist.” The only thing collaborative pianists hate more than being called “accompanists” is when people mispronounce “accompanist.”

Blog post: My Cancel Culture Demands

“Michael, isn’t it a self-fulfilling prophecy?”

Yes, of course people will stop attacking if I shut up. What’s your point?

“No one’s asking you to shut up, Michael. Just be tactful.”

  1. What is “tactful”? It’s not like there’s a rulebook somewhere.
  2. I’m trying to express something. Even if I knew what would trigger the mob, you’re telling me I should be more concerned about the mob than about what I’m trying to say? I’d rather speak out of love than out of fear. Much more fun that way. (Read more)

Blog post:

The boddhisatva vow is about not letting yourself get enlightened until others are enlightened first.

I bet the guy who came up with this concept was obsessing over the same problems I obsess over.

When you have an urge to share something, you find that you can also opt to embody it instead. But then you lose the urge to share it (because when you embody something, you stop wanting to talk ABOUT it).

What happened to that guy after he got enlightened?

Maybe he never bothered to go back and correct himself.

Maybe he said, “let those Instagram/TikTok boddhisattvas 2,000 years from now wrestle with this. It will be good for them.”

(Read more)


I’m on Medium.

New podcast episodes

No new podcast episodes this week. That’s too bad, because I’ve recorded a couple. Hmm…better get to work.

Free coaching sessions

I’m offering a limited number of free Discovery Sessions per week. This is your opportunity to work with me without paying anything. Sign up here

Imperfect Practice

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Here are some of my favorite tweets from the weeks.

  • “Authentic” sometimes means “negative”. If you want to speak with positivity, don’t hold back the negativity. Instead, adjust your life so that when you speak authentically, positive things come out of your mouth. Or, find a way to enjoy the negativity.
  • I’m starting to accept that I only come up with good ideas while walking.
  • The rescuers defend the status quo because if they didn’t, it would be an admission that they’re suckers for subscribing to the status quo.
  • Please don’t compliment me, praise me, or apologize to me. This is all INAUTHENTIC language.
  • First time working in a coffee shop since March 2020. Yes, that’s why my work has sucked for the past year plus.
  • There are two phases: (1) Create stuff and learn to talk. Flesh out your points. Be provocative. (2) Get people who will resonate with it to see it. Don’t mix them together.

General themes in my Instagram stories

  • Bill Cosby, mob rule
  • Why apologies are inauthentic
  • Reading nuances over text (not hard, btw)
  • Hatred for @katie.sula.exists and the rescuers.
  • Whether or not I’m hurting Katie
  • Fake nice people vs Genuine nice people
  • Why I’m provocative
  • Why “forgiveness” is a screwed-up concept
  • James Clear gave the same advice I gave that caused me to get kicked out of a piano group
  • Katie sent me candy with strings attached
  • Being an influencer is like going to war
  • Why do the rescuers care so much???
  • All relationships are one-sided
  • Confidence not required to make things happen
  • Don’t ignore what you don’t like about people
  • Aspirational language
  • Too easy to block people on social media
  • Whether it’s bad to call someone “ugly”
  • Telling the story of your life, because you have no other stories
  • Whether you know what you want and what’s best for you
  • Whether words can hurt people

Have a good week.


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