Button-Pushing vs. Music

The conversation went something like this:

OP: Do you think I’ll pass my exam? (posted video)

Me: Maybe you’ll pass, I have no idea. But, this isn’t music. It’s button-pushing. Play with the metronome and you’ll see where you’re deficient.

OP: Thanks. I’m confused about how to count the beat with my mind.

Me: Don’t try to count the beat in your mind. Count it with your body. Practice like this. (posted my video)

Someone else: Michael, “button-pushing” is mean and besides, there’s lots of distractions. Counting out loud will be fine.

Me: Counting out loud is a waste of time if you aren’t feeling the beat in your body.

OP: Thanks. I’ll try to feel the beat. I think all the notes are played as 1 beat in your video.

Me: There are 4 beats in each measure. Sometimes, there’s one note per beat (quarter notes), and sometimes 2 notes per beat (eighth notes). But always 4 beats in the measure. Don’t call them “half notes”, because that’s something else.

OP: How do I use my body? Is it one beat every time you drop your wrist?

Me: Yes, every drop is one beat. However, I’m not dropping my wrist. I’m dropping the entire forearm.

OP: Thanks! It feels good. Highly recommended!

Someone else: your a bit of a fool Michael. Plus i looked up your videos of your playing. Yes even the lady gaga one you did your ok player at best your just ok. So maybe worry more about your own playing


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