Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#36 - Why You Don't Need a Brand


0:00 Your business can be as flexible as your personality and include all the facets of you.

3:55 Six fears that stop you from experimenting.

5:10 Speaking your mind, experimenting, and being true to your own personality doesn’t mean you have to stop being a “business”.

6:50 Deciding on a job title without getting pigeonholed.

11:45 The people who matter aren’t judging you on your fonts and colors.

17:07 Choosing to offer a particular product or service will cause people to put you in a box, but that’s a good thing.

21:08 Your ideal clients won’t call you a “narcissist”, no matter what you say.

24:50 The people who NEED your products will pay and will overlook the rough edges (yes, this is true for artists too).

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