Speaker: Fabienne Egger

  • #40 – Karmic Trash Collection

    #40 – Karmic Trash Collection

    A conversation with Fabienne Egger (@this_is_fabienne on Instagram) about yoga, the metaverse, speaking on camera, the Drama Triangle, and the true purpose of meditation and yoga. If you teach yoga or meditation, or are a serious practitioner of either, you should be aware of your responsibilities. For the first half hour, we catch up on…

  • #6 – F*** Yoga, with Fabienne Egger

    #6 – F*** Yoga, with Fabienne Egger

    I’m talking with Fabienne Egger about what’s right and wrong with yoga. We also get into death, music, bullying, why human beings can’t get close to each other, and a bunch of other weird topics.