#40 – Karmic Trash Collection

Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#40 – Karmic Trash Collection

A conversation with Fabienne Egger (@this_is_fabienne on Instagram) about yoga, the metaverse, speaking on camera, the Drama Triangle, and the true purpose of meditation and yoga.

If you teach yoga or meditation, or are a serious practitioner of either, you should be aware of your responsibilities.

For the first half hour, we catch up on some personal stuff. The real content starts after that point.

0:00 – Warming up with some finger yoga while we wait for Fabi.

3:42 – Addressing some points from the tribute live Michael and David (@stuff.david.does) did for Fabi recently.

5:57 – Are Swiss people funny? Is there even standup comedy in Switzerland?

7:01 – Is Fabi an extreme sports chick? She doesn’t see herself that way.

16:48 – Fabi got triggered by stuff Michael said about yoga teachers. What’s going on there?

23:58 – Awkward silences. The pressure of needing to talk. Michael is simply a mirror. What pisses Michael off the most about Fabi.

31:08 – Fabi talks about hurting her neck doing headstands. Michael has a problem with teachers saying “be careful!”

50:31 – Michael gets impatient and wants the conversation to be addictive.

52:43 – Maybe it will be more fun in the metaverse. Michael talks about his computer science knowledge and why he’s not thrilled about coming changes.

1:12:13 – Fabi remembers why she first got interested in Michael (it was because of his journey learning to use his eyes and voice on camera).

1:34:05 – But, Fabi doesn’t think Michael’s jokes are funny.

1:38:07 – What’s “karmic trash collection”? How we can break chains of causality and generational trauma.


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