#39 – Requests and Being Bulletproof

Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#39 – Requests and Being Bulletproof

Let’s talk about requests: how to ask for what you want. And, what to do when people don’t agree to those requests.


00:00 – Nonviolent Communication requires repetition.
01:42 – It changes you on a deep level. You have to change how you talk.
02:53 – If you want something, you have to ask for it.
04:06 – Doing things for people is FUN. How I got addicted to Candy Crush.
06:24 – Relationships shouldn’t be based on “right” and “wrong”.
08:03 – Our society teaches people not to ask for what they want.
09:36 – What to do if somebody hears your request as a demand. Why requests are good for people to hear.
13:01 – Bad requests (“If you really loved me, you’d never forget my birthday!”)
14:36 – The difference between requests and demands is whether you’re ready to empathize with a “no”.
17:11 – NVC is a game and games have “right” and “wrong”.
18:51 – Why you should always make a “cry for help”. Dealing with bullies.
24:46 – When you make a request, it gives the other person a chance to hurt you.
30:16 – How to ignore accusations and focus on what matters.


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