Collaborative Piano and Accompanying

“Accompanists”, “Collaborative pianists”, or whatever other bullshit term you guys are using nowadays, here are some difficult truths:

You hate your job but you don’t want to quit because then you’ll be broke. You hate it because you’re not allowing yourself to be creative nor are you letting yourself advocate for your needs.

When you work with students, you’re not challenging the student and thus you’re receiving nothing in return. You’re succumbing to your fear and that’s keeping you in a tiny little box.

Your body and mind are keeping you safe, protecting you from fear, but this drains all the energy out of you.

If you want fun, you have to experience fear. The choice is yours.

Things to Do:

  1. Watch my videos about piano accompanying.
  2. Read the 5 Tricks to Gamify Studio Accompanying.

About Michael Korman

Michael has worked as a vocal studio accompanist and has played for opera rehearsals. He has a master's degree, but he doesn't think that matters. Nowadays, he's into meditation and understanding the mind on a deep level.