No-BS Meditation: Embracing Contradictions and Realities

My Philosophy on Meditation

People struggle with meditation because we’re taught that the point is to relax or to clear your mind. If that’s how you look at it, no wonder you’re struggling.

The way out is to embrace the contradictions and paradoxes and learn to sit with reality as it is, even if it’s not relaxing, and even if you can’t clear your mind.

I’m into “radical acceptance”. That means accepting reality as it is, without trying to take away anything or add anything.

Meditation is about getting to know your mind better. It’s not about “relaxing” or “nap time”. I’m even skeptical when I hear the term “self-care”.

It’s not about weird spirituality. It’s a basic thing anyone can do.

I love paradoxes and contradictions. You should too, if you want to meditate, because the human mind is full of them.

I see meditation from a hardcore, Buddhist lens. Just a personal preference. Don’t take it too seriously.

Meditation, to me, is a foundation for living your whole life and for practicing other skills.

This is no-BS.

Some important principles to keep in mind:

  1. Your thoughts aren’t “true” or “false”.
  2. Your mind is trying to help you.
  3. Your reality is based on what your senses tell you.
  4. You’re a figment of your own imagination.
  5. Nothing lasts forever.
  6. You are your habits.
  7. Suffering is normal.
  8. You get to decide what’s important to you.
  9. There are only two things: fear and love.
  10. The only problem is that you think there’s a problem.

Does this resonate with you?
Here are some ways you can get started:

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