Secrets of Mindful Drawing

I posted a lot about drawing during the pandemic. Lately, I’ve been working on organizing that material FOR YOU. Hope you like it.

Learn how to draw the mindful way. It’s about engaging all your senses and FEELING the objects you’re drawing.


  • How to make drawing CLICK
  • You suck at DRAWING because you don’t accept your SEEING
  • Stop drawing lines. Stop drawing what you see. THis is why you screw up drawing.
  • Why drawings don’t need to look good to WORK
  • To get good at drawing, you must FACE YOUR FEARS
  • If you’re bad at drawing, that’s why you should do it
  • Gesture Drawing: how to draw movement
  • Why you should stare at naked people (figure drawing is awkward but worth it)
  • I teach piano, not drawing. But this drawing book is more useful than anything ever written on piano
  • Good Old Fashioned Capitalist Drawing

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