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  • Yoga and meditation are the SAME

    I was shocked to hear someone say yesterday they were surprised to hear yoga and meditation are related. And yet, several years ago, as I was listening to an interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn, he mentioned doing yoga. I thought: “Huh…another meditation person talking about yoga? This is weird.” Yoga was invented to help you sit for…

  • KormanYoga: Just do whatever.

    KormanYoga: Just do whatever.

    If you want to practice yoga, but you don’t want to be a slave to a domineering control freak of a teacher, you might be interested in this. Or, maybe you just want a physical practice to complement your sitting meditation or artistic work. Either way, here’s a video demonstrating KormanYoga. At the moment, there’s…

  • What’s Wrong With Yoga

    What’s Wrong With Yoga

    Yoga classes are one-size-fits-all It makes no sense. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s mind is different. Your body is subject to the laws of mechanics. An object in motion stays in motion, and all that. A teacher can’t just say “move your arm this way” and expect that you aren’t going to pay a…