I love drawing, and you are too.

I love drawing.

It’s awesome.

I will share it with you. The whole process. But, you have to promise something: you will accept it as it is, whatever I say.

I am a drawing teacher. NOT a drawing teacher.

(I will teach you whatever I know about drawing. I suck at drawing, but I will teach you whatever I know.)

You can’t compare me to any other drawing teachers. You just can’t. I suck at drawing. They don’t.

Why I like drawing:

  • I like playing with art supplies.
  • I like shopping for art supplies.
  • I like doodling.
  • I like movement.
  • I like contrast and form.
  • I like sharpening pencils.
  • I like smelling pencils.
  • I like feeling the pencil move across the paper.

There is one good book on drawing. Only one. It’s called “The Natural Way to Draw”, and it’s written by a guy named Kimon Nicolaïdes. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

I’ll go a step further and say it’s the best how-to book on any subject. That’s what a review on the cover says, and I agree with it.

You can read other books, but this is the best one.

It’s the best NOT because it explains how to draw (it doesn’t, really). It’s the best NOT because it has lots of illustrations that show you how to do it, step-by-step (it doesn’t, really).

In fact, the author died before he finished the book, so what we have is kinda a rough draft, anyway.

It’s the best because of the exercises it contains.

These are experiential exercises. That means you do the exercises and you have experiences that will teach you something.

You can’t put those experiences into words. You can try with poetry or something, but poetry is lame (it can’t convey actual experience).

You must have the experiences. That’s how you learn.

It’s the only way.

Have experiences.

That’s it.


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