Anti-culture, pro-human.

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm an evil mindfulness coach.

My work is about synchronization, being in alignment, understanding yourself, understanding the causes and conditions of things, fighting less with reality, and getting out of your own way.


I hope this stuff confuses and liberates you.


Meditation is misunderstood in the West. Fine. I'll show you a better way of doing it that will blast through your limitations.

Piano and Music Practice

I teach KorMusic, a version of music that is based on deeper human values and mechanics than what is normally taught. I hope you like it better than music.

Creativity and Personal Development

Creativity, perfectionism, anxiety, motivation. Be a Creator.

What They're Saying About Me

Before you react...

"Listen. Michael is a human deeply interested in you listening to yourself. He will get your goat, then capture your heart."

Tabitha Brooke


Michael is one of the few people

"I see talking about meditation in an interesting way. I don't know him enough to say for sure yet, but I'm fairly confident that he Gets It."

I do social media a little bit differently.

(No toxic positivity here.)

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No Problem

An introduction to my approach to meditation.

Are you confused by meditation instructions? Maybe it's because you're "different", and those instructions were written for "normal" people.

This isn't about curing your anxiety, but about getting to your true nature. Becoming powerful (art, music, writing, etc.). Turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Hardcore training without new age nonsense.

Imperfect Practice

Work with me one-on-one.

An 8-week program for musicians, artists, and writers who get in their own way and aren't creating as much as they should be.

Mindful Piano Basics

If you suspect that learning piano is more frustrating than it needs to be, you're right.

It's time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense, and discover a simple way of playing the piano that works. Develop your personal practice with this online piano course.