A Meditation Course

No Problem

A new way of looking at meditation.

Who This Is For

  • People who practice skills (handstands, writing, music, anything practical rather than purely philosophical [although philosophy is a practical skill, too]).
  • Self-doubters and perfectionists.
  • Anyone who's interested in falling in love with process and not just outcome.
  • Those who are looking to find mindfulness in everyday life.
  • Human beings who have emotions (anger, sadness, etc.) and are ready to stop denying that.
  • Anyone who's tried meditation but can't meditate consistently or doesn't understand the reasons for meditating.
  • People who are weirded out by meditation or can't sit still or anyone who doesn't like to waste time.

What Meditation Will Give You


Let's say you play the piano and you're worried you suck at it.

Guess what...You can accept the fact that you suck at piano.

This doesn't mean you're happy about it and it doesn't mean you can't try to get better. It just means you stop expecting yourself to be better than you are. And, it's done concretely: if you accept how much you suck, you won't hide from it. So, for example, you'll let yourself perform on the piano, even if you suck.

Also, you can accept the thought "I will always suck at piano" without accepting the reality of it. Thoughts aren't reality. They're just images and sounds.


You can have compassion for your suffering. Meaning, you wish you suffered less than you do. This is recognition of the suffering. (Most people don't go that far. They just wish they were better at piano without recognizing the suffering.)

This gives you distance and perspective. You'll be stuck in thought loops, otherwise.

Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Social media detox?

Social media can be a mindless or a mindful experience. Either way works. Physical sensations are the key to bridging the mind and body.

Too much unconscious chatter in your mind?

The "unconscious" chatter isn't really unconscious. You might not realize it's happening at first, but when you pay attention to sensations, it will become obvious.

You only have to notice things a bit more clearly.

The Ability to Accept Your Emotions and Use Them

"Moving past" the anger doesn't mean repressing it and pretending it doesn't exist. It means letting it do its thing, with your voice and with your body.

This is the creative force within you. Stop ignoring it. It has to come out.

(We need more obnoxious people. People are too tame.Everyone wants to agree all the time. Agreement doesn't get you anywhere. Especially when you're upset about something!

Here are nine benefits of meditation:

  1. Understand yourself and your mind on a deep level.
  2. Develop psychological flexibility (the ability to handle difficult situations without freaking out).
  3. Enjoy life (live in the present or whatever).
  4. Self-acceptance (be OK with your faults).
  5. Better sense a humor (stop taking yourself so seriously).
  6. Understand other people (the only way to understand others is to first understand yourself).
  7. Impulse control (addictions, etc).
  8. Body awareness (so you can learn SKILLS like music or art).
  9. Awakening (see your true nature).


You don't have to be “good” at meditation to have it in your life.

When I started meditating, it seemed like I wasn't disciplined enough, not talented enough, and unable to stay in the present moment. Or, I couldn't find a quiet room.

(When I was in grad school, I bought a copy of Abstract Algebra by Dummit and Foote. It had a split in the binding that made it impossible for me to focus on what the book was saying.)

Well-meaning people gave me advice that sounded good on the surface ("just sit and don't try to do anything"), but how was I supposed to do this???

I tried, but it didn't fix anything. I still couldn't commit to a meditation practice. I still wasn't sure if I was doing it right.

I felt worse about myself because I couldn't even follow something so seemingly simple.

(It wasn't my fault. It's not obvious how to do this. Your mind will make it hard for you to see exactly what you're not accepting radically, especially if you're used to being a fast learner. Are you sure your mind is always your friend?)

(FYI: I'm a nerd, not a hippie.)


My name's Michael

I’m a classical musician, and I started meditating to deal with depression and anxiety. Meditation sounded great, in theory, but since it was too hard to do, I couldn't even tell if it would be able to help me.

At first, I couldn’t sit still for 5 minutes. I was bored, frustrated, itching, antsy, and not looking forward to feeling the dread of existence. 

Now, I can sit for 2 hours without moving a muscle (hint: it didn't come from "just relax..." or "visualize a green meadow...).

Over the past year, I've been publishing hundreds of social media videos on Instagram and Facebook and elsewhere. I made a series called "60-Second Insta Meditation", where I showed how social media can be a mindfulness practice.

(Some of my videos were angry. I'm happy about all my videos. Each and every angry video and post has freed up mental space for other stuff. If you don't move past the anger, you can easily get stuck there. Forever.)

 I got accepted into a graduate program in music with an undergrad degree in computer science. Because I was used to being able to master subjects quickly, I wasn't prepared for how different meditation is.

Meditation teaches you how to sit with bad things, so you can stop STRESSING YOURSELF OUT trying to get rid of them.

What's Included in No Problem

When you sign up for No Problem, you'll be granted access to a sequence of playful lessons that cover a variety of meditation techniques. Meditation is a big topic, and I'll give you a guided tour of what's out there.

Guided Meditations

These cover several different aspects of learning to meditate. Once you're done, you'll be well-equipped with a bag of tricks.

Accompanying Video Lessons

Rather than dump tons of theory at you which you can easily look up yourself on Wikipedia, I'll point out the most important things you need to look out for while meditating.

Music Synchronized with the Meditations

Meditating in complete silence can be intimidating, so No Problem includes my own piano tracks to stimulate your mind.

Let's be clear: No Problem isn't for everyone.

The following people would be better served by a different meditation course:

  • New Age hippies who are looking for a pre-packaged belief system that someone else invented which may not even be suited for their unique circumstances.
  • Hopeless intellectuals who want to talk about meditation rather than meditate. No abstract philosophy here.
  • People who don't believe in skill acquisition and who don't want to work to undergo a real transformation. Here, we focus on process, not just on outcome.
  • Toxic positivity addicts who aren't willing to meet reality where it is but who prefer wishful thinking.
  • Human beings who think emotions are bad and we should try to get rid of them.
  • Anyone not willing to entertain paradoxes and contradictions or re-examine mundane things.

I'm sure she's a perfectly nice individual. But, this probably isn't for her.

Ready to Sign Up for No Problem?

Basic Package



For those who like to go it alone.

  • Guided meditations.
  • Instructional videos.
  • BONUS meditation (what does it mean to "stay in the present"?) .
  • A special, hand-lettered certificate, upon successful completion of the final exam.
  • Everlasting peace and fulfillment*

* individual results may vary




For those who have a habit of signing up for things and never doing them.

  • Everything included in the Basic Package.
  • Three 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions to ensure you stay on track (and aren't just adding yet another book/course/skill to your collection of stuff you never do).
  • Everlasting peace and fulfillment*


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. Just get in touch with me and I'll give you a quick refund, no hassle.


Here's What People Are Saying About My Meditations

I actually liked this more than I expected to. It was a good meditation for people who are slightly weirded out by meditation, if that makes sense. It didn't feel like I needed to have some kind of profound spiritual awakening. I just paid a little more attention to my body and my breathing than I normally do. And it didn't seem long at all. The time flew by.


I usually don't like guided meditations, because they're always trying to tell me what to do, or trying to tell me how to visualize something, which to me feels like even more distracting from myself. So, it was good because all the pressure's off, like just sit here and notice this. There's no way to do it wrong. With other ones that I've done, where there are visualizations, I get lost, like "oh no, I forgot to visualize the river, and now I'm in the grass still!" But, it's not like that with yours. You just are where you are.


I did your guided meditation this morning. Thank you.

I woke up feeling unsettled this morning after a weekend of rioting in my smallish city while I was out of town, and me feeling like the world doesn’t make a lot of sense right now. It doesn’t have to. But sometimes, the chaos out there is interpreted as chaos internally and feels like it is part of our own identity. Your meditation was excellent for helping me just be and get grounded today.


Vacuous prattle. This cat plays people not piano. If you ever have to go on the road and play seven nights a week to earn a living for your family all this psychobabble will be a personal embarrassment.

One of my admirers on Instagram

(hey, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't post negative stuff too)

Meditation is misunderstood in the West.

I'll clear up the confusion.


Why do you say this is better than any of the other 500 meditation apps out there?

This isn't a meditation app. It's a short meditation course designed to help you work through some of the basic difficulties that beginners face. Namely, how to allow yourself to experience what you're experiencing, without immediately jumping to the conclusion that you're bad at meditation and that it's not for you.

OK, but what makes this unique?

What you will get nowhere else is the Michael Korman experience. That's what makes it unique. It's a special blend of irreverent humor and timeless wisdom. I wish I could be more specific.

How is this different from 10% Happier (Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics)?

Dan Harris (10% Happier) is an ABC news anchor. He knows how to appeal to the mainstream. I, however, have no clue how to appeal to the mainstream. So, if you want something that speaks to the masses, I'm not for you.

I have no interest in convincing skeptics. I'm not the guy who will quote neuroscience research to help assuage your doubts. I'm the guy who, on a whim, deleted HALF of his mailing list this week because he had a hunch they weren't fully on board with his style of communication. That's how allergic I am to being put in the role of having to convince anyone of anything. I'm only interested in helping people who want to learn.

What makes you think you can compete with Headspace?

Headspace seems to appeal to people who are all about "tackling goals" or who want to "nail a key presentation" (hey, those are direct quotes from their website). They use happy cartoons to entice customers. That might be right for some people. I'm not judging it.

I'm not competing with Headspace. I am about doom and gloom, not smiling cartoon characters. My premise is that life sucks, and rather than try to fix that, you should relax into it and try to have a sense of humor about it.

I'm too much of a perfectionist to meditate.

If you’re a perfectionist, you must meditate. You won’t get rid of perfectionism otherwise. Perfectionism is an anxiety disorder. You’re afraid of making mistakes. For example, if you're afraid to publish a blog post because you're afraid of criticism, you can learn to see the fear of criticism as merely images and sounds in your head and sensations in your body. Once you see it this way, it's much easier to be willing to expose yourself to it.

Sound good?

If so, click the button. You know you want to.