Let's Hear It

A course for introverts who have big things to say.

Wouldn't it be great if you could express your opinions confidently, without apologizing? I'll show you how to gain this super-power.

Your Voice Matters

I've always been more comfortable writing than speaking.

  • There's more time to edit.
  • I'm able to phrase things just right.
  • I have time to anticipate objections and plan my rebuttals.
  • And, there's no pressure to perform on the spot.

But, it was frustrating how, when I WAS put on the spot, I couldn't communicate.

Several years ago, I was sitting in an opera company staff meeting, and we were brainstorming ideas (I hate when extroverts do that).

Everyone was throwing ideas out, left and right. I was the only introvert in the room, and I said nothing. I doubt anyone knew I had any ideas worth mentioning.

This has happened hundreds of times.

For most of my life, I tried to force myself to speak up. That made me more anxious and less likely to want to express myself.

Then, while learning about marketing, I discovered social media videos. I was encouraged to make short, unedited videos without fixing any mistakes. 

I was skeptical at first, but as soon as I tried it, I saw the power. This was a chance, not only to express my opinions, but to LEARN HOW to express them.

Since then, I've made hundreds of videos. My writing is still ahead of my speaking, but speaking is not too far behind.

I enjoy speaking now. I don't feel stuck when I have to express ideas. I feel free and powerful.

Videos can help you, too.

It's not because videos are better than writing, but because of what the process will do for you.

Watch my videos. Listen to my podcast (both the solo episodes and conversations I've had with others). You will see how easy it is for me to express opinions.

People frequently remark on how brave I am. That's bizarre to me, as the 11-year-old kid who froze in silence every time he had to do a presentation in front of the class.

Come on, I know you want to give this a try.

What Is This Thing?

What's Included in Let's Hear It

A Step-By-Step Process for Uncovering What's Important to You

I will guide you as you generate an idea for what to post, based on your personal experiences. We'll dig into your personal life and find something that you believe must be expressed. This will allow you to get out of the victim mindset that society wants you to hold onto, and step into the creator mindset of your own personal power.

Video and Caption Templates

I will show specifically what to do to create a post, based on what has worked for me and others. You'll see how incredibly doable it is to express your ideas, basically just filling in the blanks. You'll have fun making videos as your creativity is allowed to flow.

Answers to Common Doubts

You'll learn how to deal with all of the common mental roadblocks that I and other creators face on a daily basis. You'll use your doubt to help you create, rather than being stuck in silence forever. 

Better Than Therapy

The ideas you'll get in Let's Hear It will inspire you to make something interesting for yourself and others. I'm going to make it easy, because I want you to DO THIS.

When you do it, you'll get more confidence, and you'll want to do it AGAIN, and we'll all live happily ever after.

Be a creator, not a victim

You can sit around and host a pity party for yourself and all of your loser friends, OR you can take that pain and turn it into something really cool. Your choice.

Make friends with yourself

The parts of you that you hate are exactly the parts that give you something interesting to say. That's my prediction, anyway. Let's find out.

This is art, and art is fun

When you start posting more about yourself, you'll find that it can be kind of addictive. That's fun, and it will make you want to do it more.

The First (Awkward) Step on a Journey of Self-Expression

You have something important to say. 

No matter how little confidence you have, and how much doubt, your experiences and perspectives are valuable.

You can use social media to help you express this. When I was in high school, there was no social media. Now, life is amazing. Do you even understand the power at your fingertips? The expressive possibilities? It's never been so easy. You can do this with your phone. You don't need any fancy cameras, software, microphones, etc.

Our society teaches us to keep quiet and do what we're told. 

This doesn't benefit us, and it doesn't benefit society. But of course, the loud people are the ones who make those rules. The loudest voices, unfortunately, are not necessarily the wisest. It's easy to be loud.

Some of the most interesting perspectives are those held by people who are not as loud. It sucks when you see how the world should be but you don't feel confident enough to express this.

It's not just about "marketing" or "activism". It's about expressing your values as a human being. I don't care what your story is. I just want to help you find it and express it. Hey, I'm still figuring out mine, too.

  • Not sure what to talk about?
  • Don't know how to express yourself even if you did know?
  • Just don't feel confident?
  • Worried about pissing off your friends and family from real life?
  • Feeling depressed by social media rather than inspired?
  • Envious of all the idiots out there who get to say whatever they want, as loudly as they want?
  • Frustrated that no one's listening to what you are saying?
  • Not sure if you even have the right to be so bold?

These are common issues, and we're going to talk about them. They are not insurmountable obstacles. You absolutely can be a creator, even with all of this crap going on.

About Me.

I've made hundreds of videos expressing all kinds of opinions, mostly on Instagram. My account, @no.michael.here, helps people learn meditation, music, art, and personal expression. These videos have cost me a lot of old friends, and have gained me a couple new ones. No regrets. (It's all a meditation practice for me, anyway. Just observe, don't react.

I spent a lot of time figuring out how to come up with ideas about what to post. Now, I'm sharing what I wish had been shared with me when I got started.


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