Throw Out Everything You Know About Meditation and Piano.

I'll teach you how to learn from your mistakes so you can accept yourself. This is about intense training and contradictions.

No Problem

An unconventional meditation course

Are you confused by meditation instructions? Maybe it's because you're "different", and those instructions were written for "normal" people.

This isn't about curing your anxiety, but about getting to your true nature. Becoming powerful (art, music, writing, etc.). Turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Hardcore training without new age nonsense.

What They're Saying About Me

Before you react...

"Listen. Michael is a human deeply interested in you listening to yourself. He will get your goat, then capture your heart."

Tabitha Brooke


Michael is one of the few people

"I see talking about meditation in an interesting way. I don't know him enough to say for sure yet, but I'm fairly confident that he Gets It."

I do social media

a little bit differently.

No toxic positivity here.

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Your Journey Starts Here

I hope this stuff confuses and liberates you.

If you're new to meditation...

Meditation is misunderstood in the West. Fine. I'll show you a better way of doing it that will blast through your limitations.

The "$5 Piano Lesson"

This lesson, for experienced musicians, will change how you look at things. I took piano lessons for a long time, but I always felt like I sucked. Probably because I'm an INTP and traditional stuff doesn't work for me. 

Take Yourself Seriously

If you're a professional pianist, your teacher will take you more seriously. So, where does that leave amateur pianists? A bad place, usually. Let's fix that.