#29 – When Insight Strikes, with Blake Shields Abramovitz

Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#29 – When Insight Strikes, with Blake Shields Abramovitz

Blake Shields Abramovitz is a meditation teacher and an actor, and this is a followup to our conversation from October of 2020, which you can hear in Episode 7: When Meditators Get Cancelled.

In this episode, we talk about piano playing, awakening, multiple selves, what happens as you go down the path of insight, psychedelics, and acting.

I hope you enjoy it.

0:01:50 – Cancel culture at meditation centers, freedom of speech
0:11:50 – Piano teachers giving Michael a hard time (again), mob mentality
0:16:25 – Michael’s piano playing ability, what role piano plays in Blake’s life
0:19:51 – Breaking the rules in piano playing, how Michael developed his way of playing
0:23:36 – Why singing is hard to learn
0:29:10 – How singing leads to awakening
0:35:07 – How to talk about awakening with people who haven’t had experiences like that
0:38:16 – The wisdom function
0:41:54 – Michael’s nostalgia for a creative period of time
0:47:08 – What intentions do piano teachers have?
0:54:04 – What if you just mess around on the piano? Multiple selves
0:56:47 – The Karate Kid
0:58:58 – Technical meditation vs. intellectual meditation
1:07:11 – Going down the road of insight, getting less attached
1:10:10 – Moments when things shifted for Blake
1:13:38 – What’s the deal with psychedelics?
1:45:48 – Acting
1:54:47 – Meditation for actors


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