3 things I hate about spirituality

Here are three things I’m sick and tired of dealing with when it comes to spirituality:

  1. Crystals, astrology and other supernatural bullshit
  2. Group harmony culture
  3. Material success culture

Let’s go into them one at a time.

Crystals, astrology and other supernatural bullshit

I like crystals and I have no problem with astrology. I think it’s all bullshit, but whatever. My opinion doesn’t matter. It’s all just “stuff” like all other “stuff”.

If you want to believe in whatever, believe in whatever. Like if I believe Panera has good coffee, or if I believe the Red Sox will win the World Series, or if I believe we’ll be wearing masks forever, or if I believe sugar is bad for you.

They’re all just beliefs. None of them are related to spirituality.

But, astrology (etc.) gets a privileged position for no other reason than a bunch of whiny people who’ve decided to get offended when others don’t believe in it.

Group harmony culture

Look, I get it: when you have deep insights, you become more aware of your place in the cosmos and this means that you start caring about others too. It also means you start caring what others think about you.

This is bullshit because the point of spiritual practice is to transcend notions of self and other.

Sometimes life sucks.

Sometimes people are unhappy.

Sometimes people get offended.

It doesn’t have to hijack the entire conversation.

Keep practicing.

Material success culture

The field of spirituality claims to be about transcending the material world and other mundane concerns AND YET it’s all about promises of how to achieve more material success.

Yeah, no. Let’s get back to the basics.

The goal is to transcend the verbal layer of the mind. To uncover what you are at your core, NOT feed the addictions and reinforce the BS narratives about success and achievement that you’ve been fed your whole life by the media and by your friends etc etc etc.

If you’re hoping spiritual practice will help you make more money, feel better, sleep better, make your food taste better, or get you into heaven, go elsewhere please.

However, if you’re hoping it will help you see words as words, let’s talk.

(“But Michael, why would anyone want to see words as words? What does that even mean???” My point exactly.)


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  1. ramasey Avatar

    Great post! I agree with you and thank you. People make spirituality completed and confusing. Then when I ask then to explain they just say “the answers are within” so they don’t have to answer me.

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