Apparently, not everyone likes my emails

Someone reported my last email as spam.

I know it feels good to hurt other people when you have childhood trauma, but I don’t want my email deliverability to be affected.

If you don’t find my emails helpful, but instead find they cause you to seethe in anger, please unsubscribe now before it gets out of hand (the link is all the way at the bottom)

I know this might be confusing for some of you who don’t quite get what this email list is all about, but I’m assuming you’re here because you’re interested in the products and services I offer.

Kinda like how when you walk into Starbucks they just assume you’re there for coffee or whatever. They don’t tiptoe around it, you know? They aren’t ashamed to put that menu right in front of you and ask for your order.

Everyone takes it as a given that if you don’t like the products on offer at Starbucks, then you’re free to walk out or simply back away from the register. You don’t immediately go reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Don’t think this is a lecture. It’s not. And my feelings aren’t hurt, either.

This is simply business. Kinda like how at Starbucks, if they’re closed, they put up a sign saying “closed”, so you don’t try walking in. It’s not a lecture. It’s just making sure everyone understands how things work.

Got it?


P.S. Bad posture is NOT a moral failing. It’s just a way of distributing weight so you don’t fall over.


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