I hope I offended you

The email I sent out yesterday caused 5% of my mailing list to unsubscribe. That’s a new record for me! Go read it if you haven’t already…maybe you can join them.

Seriously, I want you to unsubscribe.

Let me explain this, because it’s really important to me.

I want to be able to speak openly with you. To be able to say what’s really on my mind. When I think of something that I think would be super-helpful, I want to be able to say it, without fear of offending anyone.

hate it when people unsubscribe. It reminds me of how I was always made fun of as a kid for being different, how I was always picked last for sports teams, and how friends in my adult life have broken up with me for being insensitive.

But, I didn’t start this mailing list to make friends. Instead, I started it so that people who need the information I’m offering can have a vehicle to receive it quickly.

It doesn’t serve anyone for me to keep my best stuff hidden away.

The subject line of the email yesterday (“Life sucks”) was chosen deliberately to be maximally offensive, while still being 100% congruent with the message I’m trying to spread about music and mindfulness.

So, I’m going to dial it up starting now.

I hope to wake up tomorrow morning and find 10% of you gone.

(Purposes of this email: 1. get more unsubscribes, 2. create group cohesion, and 3. convey a lesson about mindfulness and acceptance by sharing a personal story.)


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