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September 8, 2020

Objective perspectives can be liberating.

When we get stuck in our own worlds, our thinking gets boxed in and we miss seeing the bigger picture.

I didn’t speak much in Spanish class in high school.

“¡Más fuerte, Miguel!”

That’s what I heard, every day. I hated it.

Foreign language classes are great for the talkative kids. Not for me. I prefer to listen more than I speak, but in school that’s unacceptable.

So, I developed this notion that there was something wrong with me. That my reluctance to speak up was somehow a deficiency.

In the world of that Spanish class, it was. That’s because the teacher was in charge, and she made the rules. She decided what was acceptable, and what was deficient.

Now, I can make my own rules. I don’t have to buy into her stories about how human beings should behave, which are only the products of her own childhood experiences.

Also, my name’s “Michael”, not “Miguel”. 😠

There’s nothing “wrong” with her perspective, but it’s not the perspective I choose to see things from. I’m glad I have that freedom now.

I’m offering 3 exploration sessions within the next week. These are 30-minute one-on-one sessions. If there’s something you’re stuck on, where you need an outside objective point-of-view, you might want to sign up for one of them.

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I am in the business of destroying souls. Anti-culture, anti-language. Pro-human.

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