My next challenge

Yes, #30daysofthesefuckingemails is almost over. 😢

Believe it or not, I’m already receiving questions about what I will do next.

Before this morning, I wasn’t planning on doing anything next. But now I am.

One idea that appeals to me is trying to piss off one friend every day for a month. I’ve already been doing this “accidentally”, but I’m thinking of making it into a formal practice.

Trying so hard to keep friends happy is a huge mistake. HUGE.

Every great thing I’ve ever done began with a decision to do something that I strongly suspected was going to piss off one friend or another, and sure enough, it did.

Some examples:

  • A lot of friends have unsubscribed from this email list. Some of them were pretty angry with me. But here I am, writing emails every day.
  • The random talking videos I’ve posted on Instagram and Facebook have attracted a ton of negative attention from friends in real life.
  • A concert I did several years ago to raise money for a trip to Austria for a summer music program had friends labeling me entitled and lazy.
  • Countless helpful comments on social media have been attacked for being arrogantrude, etc.

Sometimes it’s even the things I don’t do that rouse anger. Not responding to texts, not speaking loudly enough, not doing the dishes, not saying the exact right magic words that a distressed friend is wanting to hear.

I’m used to being a punching-bag.

Now, it’s time to stop avoiding it.

The question is: what will the hashtag be?

[Day 28 of #30daysofthesefuckingemails]


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