#44 – How to Learn to Play the Piano

Self-Defined Human
Self-Defined Human
#44 – How to Learn to Play the Piano

Let’s talk about how to learn to play the piano. It’s a big subject, but we’ve gotta start somewhere.


0:00 – Should I change the name of the podcast?
0:47 – Pandemic regrets. Being taunted by the piano in your living room.
2:31 – Why I get irritated when people want to learn piano. My experiences with language learning and classical guitar.
4:40 – What makes Michael Korman good at piano?
5:48 – Piano’s an old instrument.
6:35 – What the pedals are all about.
8:03 – Do you have to take lessons?
9:24 – Can you learn from YouTube?
10:16 – Why adults can’t learn piano.
12:08 – Why kids have no problem learning piano.
14:41 – About my 5-day course.
14:59 – Why it shouldn’t take years to be able to play “River Flows in You.”
16:27 – Why you’re addicted to being “impressive”.
17:41 – A quick reminder that this isn’t philosophical nonsense.
19:08 – Why I can’t relate to beginner pianists.
20:42 – About my tutorials where I write numbers on the keys.
22:04 – Octaves, notes, names of notes, visual orientation/memory.
23:55 – How to learn to read music.
24:36 – I don’t care about helping you learn to read music.
25:28 – Why I’m good at reading and you’re not.
26:55 – I should really stop being so judgmental.


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  1. Paul Avatar

    Hi like to purchase your training method.
    So will I be learning from videos on line? Not sure what I’m purchasing.
    Thank you

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