Stop slacking off! You need to make PROGRESS!

If you grew up in modern society, like I did, chances are you have these two competing voices inside you.

While you are practicing, one of them says “Work hard! Stop slacking off! You need to make progress!”

Meanwhile, the other says, “This is so stressful! This is not why I signed up for this…I wish I could just enjoy playing…”

It may seem like these two voices are working together to make your life miserable. But, you can notice that each pulls you in a very different direction from the other.

And, if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that only one of them has control over you at any given time.

What directions are they pulling you in? What are the voices trying to make you do?

Do you think there’s any way to make both of them happy?

For example, suppose you are practicing sight-reading. Well, I’m guessing you’re not practicing sight-reading, because it’s just too frustrating. That is, unless you’re really good at sight-reading. Am I right?

One voice (your teacher’s?) is saying “You need to practice sight-reading! You will never get good at it if you don’t practice!”

And the other (whose?) is saying “This is too hard…I wish I were better at this, because then it would be fun…

I want to know what the voices are trying to make you do.

Comment and let me know!


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