Weekly update for July 17, 2021

Here’s your weekly update on happenings here at Michael Korman Incorporated.

Hope it makes your week.


I’m looking for people who are willing to have a conversation with me and answer some questions. It will take 30 minutes, and it will help me make things that will help more people. Please sign up if you are interested in helping me with this.

I’m offering a limited number of free Discovery Sessions per week. This is your opportunity to work with me without paying anything. Sign up here

Since I started my Instagram account, I’ve been operating basically with 2GB free on my laptop at any given moment. This week, I finally broke down and bought a 2TB external hard drive. BUT…it’s annoying me because I use Linux and blah blah blah lots of technical stuff you probably don’t care about.

Instagram Posts

Find these posts on my Instagram account (@no.michael.here).

  • Questions about ravioli
  • “I know what I want”…no, you don’t
  • Don’t compliment me, apologize to me, or praise me.
  • Forcing 2 posts per day
  • Michael, why’d’ya delete all your followers?


You can find a bunch of my videos on YouTube. I try to upload the good ones. You might find that useful if, especially if you don’t have an Instagram account.

No good Facebook posts


No blog posts



I’m on Medium.

New podcast episodes

No new podcast episodes this week.

Getting Unstuck on Writing

An online workshop for writers (novelists, Instagram influencers, piano teachers, etc.) who get stuck. (Learn more)

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the weeks.

  • What makes me cry: stories about when people are able to see past the cruelty that is an essential consequence of our culture. Also, chopping onions.
  • The goal is to integrate trauma, not defeat it.
  • I hereby call out call-out culture.
  • Hi, I’m Michael and I am an anti-feminist. (Sorry ladies, playtime’s over.)
  • Meditation will NOT solve the problem of “I don’t meditate consistently.”
  • Suggestion: when you block someone, it should require you both to exchange at least a few more messages back and forth, and not execute the block until this is completed.

General themes in my Instagram stories

  • Telling stories
  • Columbine
  • Problem solving
  • Whether it’s possible to hurt people with words
  • Took down the stuff about Katie
  • Walking outside helps me think
  • Trauma is the anti-skill
  • Therapists will tell you to be nice to your wife
  • How to deal with insults
  • Carl Rogers was provocative
  • I’m good at logic
  • Why disagreement is good
  • Jesus died for your cringe
  • “Michael, you think you’re 100% right about everything”
  • Relationship advice
  • I have no respect for boundaries
  • How Goenka was rejected as a meditation student
  • Why piano teachers suck and why the right to shut up is in the U.S. Constitution
  • AMA and How often I cry
  • Ways I could die right now
  • How I’d be proven a fraud
  • Can’t get rid of my instagram store
  • Anti-philosophy
  • Amy’s Baking Company (Kitchen Nightmares)
  • Repeat negative patterns!
  • “Why do you ask?”
  • Advice for influencers

Have a good week.



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