Why Music Practice is No Fun

I was looking through some old notebooks the other night, and I wanted to share this:

I’ve noticed that when most people practice music, they don’t have fun. When I practice, however, I do have fun.

So…why don’t you have fun while practicing?

(It’s not because you suck at music.)

Westerners view music as an intellectual activity. In this way of looking at it, the goal is to:

  • Understand how to play

  • Make progress

  • Be correct

  • Have social status

  • Be redeemed for your sins

  • Ensure security for the future

  • Improve

The whole thing is future-based. No wonder it’s no fun.

But…there are other ways to view music practice.

If we focus on the present, rather than the future, the goal is to:

  • Enjoy the process

  • Manipulate energy

  • Learn about yourself

  • Suffer less by untying knots

  • Find freedom

  • Uncover self-compassion

  • Explore

When you’re fixated on the future, it’s impossible to enjoy the present.

This is why practice is no fun.



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