Calculus for kindergarteners???

Hi, my name’s Michael.

I teach meditation and piano online.

I released a new podcast episode today. It’s called “Calculus for Kindergarteners and Social Justice Warriors“, and it’s about exactly what the title sounds like.

If you’re having trouble moving while playing the piano, you might find it useful to look back at your childhood and try to unravel exactly how you were traumatized.

(I say stuff like this knowing it’s going to piss off a bunch of you. So sorry. The rest of you will get value out of it, though.)

Here’s another tip for you: meditation will do NOTHING for you if you don’t DO it.

Come on, challenge me. I need it. Otherwise, my content is just going to be random nonsense. I literally have no idea what’s getting through and what’s not. It’s all just words to me.

Here’s the podcast episode again.



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