Don’t let your “friends” hold you hostage

I’ve lost a ton of friends since the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s no surprise. Before 2020, I didn’t publish much online. And what I did publish was guarded and censored.

But, when I decided to go all-in on learning marketing, I knew I had to make a choice: share my real stories, or be a fraud.

You see, my stories are what give me the right to speak. Because I don’t want imposter syndrome, I only say things I’m 100% confident about.

You’re the world’s foremost expert on your life. Even if someone calls you a fraud or tells you you’re “just being provocative”, if you’re sharing your real-life stories, you’re completely protected.

Still, when you start talking, people will leave. Sometimes in droves.

It hurts.

After all, these are people from your old life. They’ve been there, by your side, for years. (ya know, from back when you didn’t talk about your hopes and dreams).

But, you’re growing. Experimenting. Trying new things.

Some of them will be willing to grow with you, and some won’t.

Let me ask you: Do you even want friends who can’t bear to hear you say what’s on your mind?

If so, why? I don’t expect all my friends to understand what I’m doing. My experiences are my experiences, not theirs.

Still, if they’re going to be my friend, they could say:

“I have no idea what Michael’s doing, but it seems important to him, so whatever.”

They don’t have to “support me”, “get me”, “believe in me”, “encourage me”, “agree with me” or “help me”.

They simply have to not attack me. It’s a low bar.

So, start talking. Let those who can’t make the cut show themselves the door.

(I’m not gonna lie…this is hard. It forces you to decide what’s important to you and what’s not. But hey…those decisions aren’t going to make themselves, are they?)


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