Weekly update for August 23, 2021

This update covers July 25-August 23.

Market Research

I’m looking to have conversations with people who:

  • Are beginners at meditation
  • Are advanced meditators
  • Play the piano
  • Draw
  • Have an Instagram account and are trying to spread a message
  • Dislike their relationship with food

If you fit any of these categories, I want to talk to you. Please schedule a call.

Nonviolent Communication

I’ve been posting a lot about NVC lately, including 4 IGTV lives:

  1. Nonviolent Communication
  2. Feeling vs. Non-feelings
  3. You and me and NVC
  4. Two things to practice in NVC

Discovery Sessions

If you want to work with me about anything I do, sign up for a free Discovery Session.

I only do 3 per week.

Don’t let your “friends” hold you hostage

I’ve lost a ton of friends since the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s no surprise. Before 2020, I didn’t publish much online. And what I did publish was guarded and censored.

But, when I decided to go all-in on learning marketing, I knew I had to make a choice: share my real stories, or be a fraud.

(Read more)

I Hate Listening to Music! (but, I love playing it)

I’m lying to you. I don’t hate listening to music.

But, I kinda do…


Wait…I’m still lying to you.

The truth is, I haven’t played music much over the past few months.

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Have a good week

Hope this is useful for you.

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