Earbuds are running my whole life now

I need some new earbuds.

The ones I have are broken. I mean, they do work. But the little rubber thing that fits on the end of the left one has a big tear in it. So, it's only a matter of time before they're unusable.

They're really cheap. I don't want expensive earbuds.

One time, I got expensive Sennheiser earbuds that came in a nice traveling pouch. Those were awesome. But, they disappeared.

So, that's why my next pair was a cheaper option from Amazon, which had good reviews but was made by a company I had never heard of.

They looked super-cool, too. They were red and had a silver cable.

But, they broke.

Not just once, but twice. I took a picture and sent it to the company, and they sent me a replacement. That one broke too.

That's when I decided I'm never buying anything other than the cheapest earbuds again. The Panasonic (I think?) pair that I have now was something like $7.

This is what I've been relying on for every Zoom call I've been on this year, and every podcast I've listened to.

Still, they didn't work in my Meditation for Extremely Intelligent Overthinkers class yesterday. No clue why. Probably something wrong with the phone.

Either way, the class was great, and I'm going to do it again.

The next one will be Friday, December 11, at 12:00 PM EST.

Sign up here.

(I'm going to have these classes more frequently. Still working out the schedule and the technical stuff.)


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