Who ever invented tipping, anyway?

I'm told I should tell more stories.

I actually have a ton of potential material for stories. Lots of interesting things have happened to me in my life.

For example, right now I'm in a cafe, having just ordered a cup of water (and food too). The cashier asked me if I wanted ice in it. I said no.

I thought that would be the end of the interaction, but then the computer thing asked me if I wanted to leave a tip.

Normally, I wouldn't leave a tip if I'm ordering at the counter, but since he was going through the extra work of getting me the water, I had to pause.

I decided not to leave a tip.

He was so cheerful as he turned around to hand me the cup of water.

I wonder how he felt after looking at the screen.

I don't want to know.

I'm on a mission here. Get through the next few hours before my Meditation for Extremely Intelligent Overthinkers class. (It's today at 2:00 PM EST. You can sign up here.)

I can't let tip-induced guilt throw me off track.


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