Don’t overthink this one, unless you’re an underthinker

I only had one slice of toast for breakfast. I haven't eaten anything since then.

That's all the food I have (well, not literally ALL the food I have, but it's everything I would eat for breakfast.)

I need to go get more food now.

But what will I get???

The truth is that this email is just an excuse to tell you about the Meditation for Extremely Intelligent Overthinkers class I'm doing tomorrow, December 8 at 2:00-3:00 PM EST on Zoom.

I was trying to tie it in to my breakfast story somehow, but I started overthinking it.

The truth is, I don't believe in overthinking. I don't think it exists. It's an excuse for something else.

I'll talk about that some more tomorrow.

Be there. Don't overthink it.

You can sign up here:


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