Episode 11: Universe Walks, with Samantha Faulhaber

Today’s guest is Samantha Faulhaber. Sam teaches mobility, jiu-jitsu, communication, and all sorts of other things. In this episode, we talk about meditation, spiritual entities, trauma, what it’s like to live in a flow state, baking, and why I started a podcast.

0:02:24 – Why Sam moved to North Carolina, universe walks.
0:08:12 – Living in a flow state.
0:13:22 – Why Michael doesn’t like to sound like a fortune cookie.
0:14:07 – What Sam was like in the past, and how she got started with jiu-jitsu.
0:19:44 – Being honest with yourself and others.
0:24:14 – How to force people to become friends.
0:29:41 – Ideological possession.
0:36:09 – Conflict on social media vs real life.
0:42:52 – Spiritual entities.
0:46:49 – Sankharas in vipassana meditation.
0:51:08 – Safe communities for children.
0:52:50 – What makes a good podcast conversation?
0:55:04 – Trauma and gaslighting.
1:02:16 – Why did I start a podcast?
1:03:51 – Meditation exercises, music exercises, both regimented and not.
1:08:57 – Masculine and feminine energies.
1:12:50 – An awkward pause.
1:19:43 – Sam’s gift to the world.
1:22:33 – Some baking advice.
1:24:25 – What Michael likes about Sam.
1:27:02 – Sam makes a demand of Michael.


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