It’s all physical

After I got enlightened (while practicing singing), I wanted to see if my realizations made sense in other contexts.

That's because practicing a thing makes you better at the thing, and it stands to reason that being better at the thing will make it feel easier. After all, this is the typical narrative.

So, I picked something that I was horrible at: calligraphy. And, to make it even more interesting, I chose to learn to write with my non-dominant hand (my right hand).

At first, it was impossibly difficult and stressful.

But that quickly changed.

I discovered and invented exercises that made it all work.

Break things into specific physical actions. Practice them independently. Then, integrate them.

Example: You say it's “difficult” to write.

What you then want to do is define “writing” precisely and physically. As an exercise, take “writing” to mean “pulling the pen DOWN on the paper, one stroke after the next.”

This is a basic physical action. You can make it easy or you can make it difficult.

If it's difficult, make it easy. You know how to do this.

It's only a matter of willingness.

Try it and see what happens. Interesting stuff will show up.

I predict you'll see that it's only a matter of willingness.

At the meditation class tonight, we'll talk about how it's all physical.


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