How to ruin your life with Instagram

“I’m guessing you aren’t concerned about any professional ramifications your posts could have.”

“I’m very worried for your mental health.”

“You’re allowed to not tell me if you have access to any weapons, but I’d feel better if you did.”

I’ve gotten a bunch of these kinds of messages since February, when I started posting talking videos on Instagram.

At first, it was sell the piano-related stuff I was offering, and then it turned into something else.

I wasn’t expecting it to be so tumultuous, to be honest. I’ve lost several real-life friends because of these videos. People who were attached to the way I used to present myself.

I have no regrets, and in fact I want to push this further.

Even if you’re not “marketing” as in “selling something”, you still have a point of view. It’s based on your life experiences, and it needs to be heard.

If expressing yourself in the form of Instagram videos sounds appealing to you, but you don’t where to get started AND you think that attracting some of the above feedback might even have the potential to be purifying for you, I made something for you.


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