This is how cults recruit members

Your friends and family and teachers are out to screw you over.

Don’t believe me? Try doing something unexpected (but good for you), and watch what happens.

They will freak out.

Don’t let that stop you. Keep going.

Your mind will also try to stop you. It will tell you about all the horrible things that will happen if you don’t listen.

Your mind is not your friend.

Remember where your mind came from in the first place. It was programmed by your friends and family and teachers. You learned to fear the unknown because you felt it would keep you safe from social rejection. And remember, when you’re a baby, social rejection means certain death.

That’s why you take your mind so seriously.

But…this is a problem. We call it “perfectionism” or “lack of confidence” or “living in fear” or “overthinking” or a hundred other names.

It’s all the same, though. You’re taking your mind too seriously.

(because you don’t want to die in the woods as a baby)

Well, you’re not a baby anymore. You are free to say “thanks mind, but I can handle this on my own right now.”



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