Your playing is horrible

Your playing is horrible.

(Calm down: this is a mass email going out to my whole list. I’m not referring to something specific that YOU sent me.)

Anyway, if you’ve sent me a video of your playing, and you want to know my opinion, there it is.

It sounds horrible, and it feels horrible to listen to.

That’s why I am passionate about helping people. Because I want to help you fix this.

You already know it sounds horrible. And you already know it feels horrible.

For some reason, you won’t admit it.

Yet, it’s the only thing you really want. You want it to feel good when you play. You want it to feel easy.

You make up other explanations for it. You say:

“I can’t play fast enough”
“I can’t play evenly enough”
“I can’t find the right fingering”
“This piece is too hard”
“I’m only a beginner”
“My first teacher taught me bad habits”
Whatever. There’s a long list of them.

And for some bizarre reason, you’ve convinced yourself that you care about any of those.

But you don’t, and you know it.

So stop asking for help with those things!

(btw, it’s much more fun to talk about fingering or playing evenly once those are no longer your PRIMARY OBJECTIVES)


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