Is motivation necessary to do things?

I got a question the other day. Actually, it was last night. No, wait. It was this morning.

The question was: “Is motivation necessary to do things?”

Answer: Yes.

You can’t do things without motivation. After all, what would motivate you to do the thing, if not for motivation?

This is not a philosophical issue. This is real.

What hinges on the answer to this question?

If you’re going to say “do I have to feel motivated to do things?”, then I would say no, you don’t.

Try it right now. Think of something you don’t feel motivated to do, and do it anyway.

For example, I don’t feel motivated to end this email right now. I kinda want to keep typing


P.S. I’ve gotta put a link in here: here you go.

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Michael Korman

Meditation teacher. I help people integrate their minds and bodies so they can learn skills like piano, drawing, writing, etc.

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