This is more powerful than voting

The best way to change the world is to speak your mind.

You can do this on social media more easily than anywhere else. You don't have to confront anyone face-to-face, and you don't have to pay any money.

You just sit here and type something. Or make a video.

I'm a big fan of videos. I've made hundreds of videos over the past several months, expressing all kinds of ideas.

Some of those videos were angry, some were nonsensical, and some were funny.

I'm glad I made all of them, because they each had something important to say.

I'm not an activist, but I do think the world should be different than how it is. With videos, I can express this easily.

Yeah, some people get pissed off, especially about my angry videos.

Someone even called the police in response to my social media posts back in June.

That was annoying.  🙄

Still, it's worth it. The angry videos have cleared up mental space which I can now use for other things. Highly recommended. Would do again. 100%.

I know you have important ideas you want to express, too. Maybe you're not sure what, or maybe you don't know how to express them. That's why I made Let's Hear It, which will get you started in sharing your opinions on social media, especially if you're a little bit intimidated at the thought.

(The cost is the same as what I paid for a parking ticket recently. I wish I could offer you 12 minutes of extra parking if you buy the course, but unfortunately I don't have that authority.)


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