Videos are Awesome

Question: I’m nervous to post videos on social media.

You should be nervous about it, because people might not be happy with what you’re doing.

I have a bunch of videos where I talk about things, experiences I’ve had, or sometimes just calling out people. I’m nervous to post that stuff. That does not make me comfortable to post those things.

I have one video where I talk about a fantasy I have about going back to school and just confronting the teacher when the teacher asks me if I did my homework, and just getting all up in the teacher’s face about it.

I wasn’t necessarily really comfortable posting that video. But, I did it.

That’s one of these rules that I had. I guess I still have that rule. But at first, that was a rule I had to really follow. The rule of: if I make a video, and if I’m a little uncomfortable about posting it, then I have to post it.

The discomfort is a sign that I must post this thing.

Nowadays, I will refrain from posting things for other reasons, but if I have the discomfort, then no. I have to post it. Because, you’re training something here. You’re trying to build something.

You have to transform yourself, and that means it’s not comfortable.

It can’t be comfortable.


1:00 How I got started with social media videos.
2:00 Brief detour to talk about how closed-minded piano teachers are.
3:45 The stress of making videos for my online piano course.
6:10 Why I (reluctantly) started on Instagram.
9:45 Making 58 videos in one single day.
11:10 The power of the 60-second video.
15:00 What videos have in common with meditation, drawing and piano.
17:10 Benefits of posting videos publicly.
18:30 How my videos made people angry.
20:00 Why you must be doing this in 2020.
21:45 I get nervous to post some of my videos.
27:00 Why videos need to be entertaining.
28:30 My course, Let’s Hear It.
29:45 How videos changed my writing and communication in general.
31:15 We all have stuff to say.
33:40 Some more Jewish guilt.


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